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Dr. Daniel Ryan, D.C. - Non Force Chiropractic Care

Non-Force Chiropractic

I have found non-force chiropractic to be a powerful technique to alleviate structural imbalances throughout the body.

Chiropractic is a form of natural health care that takes a holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment. Chiropractic focuses on the body’s ability to heal itself and on removing the blocks that impede this process. It addresses the idea that dysfunction can be traced to a misalignment of the vertebrae of the spine causing irritation to the nerves that exit at that level of misalignment.

Chiropractic care removes any interference to nervous system function. It is the nervous system that conveys messages from the brain to every cell of the body. It is your nerves that carry the message from the brain to your eyes so they may see, to your ears so you may hear, to your lungs so you may breathe, to your stomach so you may digest, and so on. The nervous system is the body’s main computer from which all the body’s functions are controlled. It truly conducts LIFE from the brain to the cells.

When all of the body’s systems are in balance and functioning properly, the body is in a state of homeostasis. This is the state when your body is able to fight disease and infection and heal itself.

Chiropractic is a holistic form of health care in that the patient as a whole person is considered rather than just the symptom they present with. It utilizes herbs, nutrition, adjustments, lifestyle changes, and other tools to treat conditions and to prevent disease. The chiropractic doctor will look for the cause of the problem, rather than just treat the symptom.





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